Frequently Asked Questions


What service does 1-800-PRO-PAINTER provide?

We provide you with 1-800-PRO-PAINTER as your phone number to do business with in the service area (area codes) of your choosing. Our state-of-the-art telecommunications technology routs every 1-800-PRO-PAINTER call made from within those area codes to your cell phone or land line.

We also include your contact information on our website

What are Toll Free Numbers?

Toll free numbers, “1-800 numbers” as they’re referred to as, are numbers that a caller can dial without being charged.
The charge is paid for by the organization or individual being called, often as a way to encourage customers to get in touch about a product or service. Often a company will choose to advertise its toll free number in the form of a memorable name of phrase, which makes it a toll free “vanity number”. The corresponding letters on the alpha-numeric telephone keypad spell the name of the business, service or product.
Toll free services became routed through computer-driven database systems in the early 1980s, and have gone from strength to strength. No charge calling became a consideration for wider marketing and communication strategies, making toll free numbers an important tool for companies to have in place.
As the FCC explains: “Toll free numbers are very common and have proven successful for businesses, particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing.”
Both of those areas of application refer to companies in all kinds of professional fields, from cable companies to chiropractors, and law firms to painting contractors. When it comes to making a business more memorable, toll free vanity numbers aren’t limited by industry or application.

Are there any other companies that offer a toll free vanity number for painting contractors?

Yes, there are 3-4 other companies that we are aware of.

What’s the biggest difference between 1-800-PRO-PAINTER and those other companies?

The biggest difference is all the difference in the world. You can never own the number from these other companies, ever.   They say you can “own” it but what they really mean is that you can “rent” it, but again, you can never “own” it, ever.

With 1-800-PRO-PAINTER you can own the number outright, for life, with the click of a mouse.

We are the only company in the world of this sort (licensee/licensor relationship) that allows its customers to actually own, outright for life, the 1-800 number they’re investing in.

What do these other companies who have similar type numbers charge to rent their 1-800 number?

They all charge approx $3500.00 per year to rent their number. A number you will never own. So the question is begged: why would you ever invest one dollar in a number you can never own?

What’s the cost for 1-800-PRO-PAINTER?

$2695.00 (US) and you own it for life.

How Big of An Area Do I Get For Life?

One area code of your choosing. Please inquire about discounted pricing for the purchase of more than one code.

Are my ownership rights transferrable?

Yes. Let’s say you live in California and bought the licensing rights to 1-800-PRO-PAINTER for life for the Service Areas specified on the contract. For example areas codes 858 and 619 both of which are area codes in California. You then move to Texas and want to start a painting business there. If there is no 1-800-PRO-PAINTER licensee with lifetime rights in the new areas you want to service then you can transfer your rights to the new Service Area.*

What are all the fees?

  • Your monthly talk-time. The cost for monthly talk time varies among licensees depending on usage.
  • The yearly fee of $75.00 pays for maintaining and updating the 1-800-PRO-PAINTER website, ( and for the handling and processing of your monthly phone bill.
  • Transfer fee if applicable. If you move out of your Service area (the two area codes you service) and want to transfer your licensing rights to your new area, provided there is no existing licensee in that area, there will be a $500.00 transfer fee.
  • Purchase or rent-to-own fee. Purchase a lifetime licence for $2695.00 or lease to own it for $3984.00

Do I have to use the 1-800-PRO-PAINTER corporate logo or can I use the number any way I see fit?

Although we encourage everyone to use the corporate logo we all understand that it might not be practical to do so based on your current identity.


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