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Boost Calls, Boost Sales

Here we look to the numbers: Every company that adopts our memorable vanity number into their advertising and marketing materials see more than a 24% rise in response rates.

When presented with two similar promotions, consumers remember – and, most importantly, respond to – one that includes a vanity number, rather than a standard toll-free number. Increased response rates mean more calls for your talented sales team to work with.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Advertising is everywhere. Research estimates that the average consumer sees between 3,000 to 5,000 ads every day. Unfortunately, we typically only remember a handful of them, often fewer than 10. A memorable number, much like a catchy advertising slogan or that jingle that your brain just can’t shake, makes your business one of those remarkable few.

When you select a vanity number that tells people who you are, what you do, and how to reach you, it raises awareness of your business and helps to build your brand. 1-800-PRO-PAINTER is, quite simply, the most powerful marketing tool ever created for painting contractors in North America.

Better Recommendations

As if new consumers for your business aren’t enough, these new customers will also refer your services thanks to your memorable vanity number. Having a memorable vanity number not only keeps your consumers coming back for more, it makes it simple for them to recommend you again and again.

Immediate Return on Investment

Inbound calls convert to revenue 10 times more than web leads. It’s simple, Boost your calls, boost your sales. Every business wants marketing initiatives that integrate a memorable vanity number, and find it to be one of the most reliable ways to increase return on investment (ROI). Once your sales team gets to work on those extra calls, new business naturally follows and the vanity number pays for itself.

Track and Record Sales Calls with a Vanity Phone Number

Your vanity number lets you track every incoming call, right down to the date, time, originating phone number, and call duration. Every call is accounted for, allowing you to make sure that your staff is taking accurate messages and proactively following up on leads.

Vanity Numbers Make Great Branding Affordable

A good vanity number is unforgettable, seamlessly linking your business to a name or concept. With the right number, what you do (or what you stand for) is immediately clear to the consumer. Recall rises, calls go up and sales increase… all because your business has taken the time to craft a more memorable contact number.

Inbound calls convert to revenue 10 times more than web leads. This year 5 smart-phones will be sold for every PC, so marketers can’t rely on the same old PC-based lead generating strategies for search, email, social, and display. More smart-phones mean more inbound calls to your business.

This is the edge you want over competitors in the same field who are missing the brand identity a vanity number can bring, at an unbeatable price.

Inbound Calls Convert To Revenue 10 Times More Than Web Leads

Online marketing gets a lot of attention, but inbound calls dominate web-generated leads in terms of value. And when we say value, we mean real, tangible revenue.

Inbound calls are 10 times more likely to translate into revenue than sales leads generated online. Those are numbers you can’t ignore, and that brings us neatly to vanity numbers.

When was the last time you wrote down a phone number that you heard in an advertisement? It’s rare, especially when potential customers are driving, rushing to a meeting, or busy with household chores.

Millions of advertising dollars are thrown away each and every year by businesses who promote phone numbers that no one responds to. Despite this, businesses continue to ask that these ineffective phone numbers be broadcast in commercials, thinking that these channels work as well as print to boost inbound calls. They don’t, so don’t waste any more time and money on a number no one can remember!

Use a phone number in a broadcast commercial only if that number is memorable. Not every business can have something as perfect as 1-800-FLOWERS, but the easier your number is to remember, the more effective it will be at turning those advertising dollars into valuable inbound sales calls.

Think about how to have every advertising spot make listeners want to call your business.  Then make it easy for them to call. If you have a memorable number, craft your ad around it: benefit/phone number, benefit/phone number. Alternatively, challenge the listener to recall the number. Make a joke about it. Make a song about it or make it rhyme.

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